Reydon Housing Need Survey

Reydon Housing Need Survey

Artisan is conducting a housing needs survey for Reydon, Southwold and Wangford on behalf of a local Developer. We want to assess the current and future housing need of residents for housing in their local community.

If you have received a copy of the survey from us, please answer all the questions and return the survey to us using the Freepost Envelope. You will need to make sure your completed survey is returned by 19 November 2021.

If you did not receive a survey but think you are eligible to complete one, please call 01473 832995.

Types of Housing

The table below sets out the types of housing that appear in this survey along with a description for each of them. Please refer to these definitions if you need to whilst completing the survey.

Market housingHouses you buy on the open market, with or without a mortgage
Shared ownershipPart buy, part rent. Can be through the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme.
Affordable rentHousing rented through the local authority or a housing association. The rent is capped at 80% of market value.
Rent from private landlordA property rented privately, i.e. not local authority or housing association.
Discount market housingMarket housing sold to buyers at a discount of at least 20% from market value.
First HomesDiscount market housing for first time buyers sold at a discount of at least 30% and subject to a price cap.