Former Friends Garage, Orford

Former Friends Garage, Orford

The former Friends Garage Site has stood empty for over five years and is long overdue redevelopment.

Northland Ltd. will soon submit a full planning application for the redevelopment of the former garage site in Front Street.

The former Friends Garage site will be familiar to most Orford residents. It currently sits in a run-down condition and appearance having been closed for business some 5 years ago.


Since that time, the developer and landowner have invested considerable resource in trying to bring about a redevelopment of the site. They have worked with the local community organisation, the owner of the existing village shop, and representatives of the Parish Council to find a  financially viable, deliverable solution for the site which would have included a new Village Shop.

Despite considerable energy, effort and commitment on the part of all those involved in that community led initiative, it has not been possible to bring forward a viable scheme which delivers a new shop as a replacement for the existing shop in the village. With the site having now been dormant for a long time and the prospect of a mixed use scheme exhaustively explored, the developer and landowner will now bring forward an application for the redevelopment of the whole site for 6 new houses.

Of the 6 new houses proposed in the scheme, 2 will be affordable dwellings. There will be a terrace of 3  two bed houses located at the front of the site. It is intended that two of these will be affordable homes. In line with the Councils’ Affordable Homes Policy one of the Affordable Homes will be a ‘First Home’ to be sold at a discount on market value and with a maximum sale price of £250,000. That discount on market value will be maintained in perpetuity and will apply to all future sales. 

The Developer will work with the Parish Council and East Suffolk’s Planning Department to see if it is possible for priority to be given in the sale of this dwelling to those with a local connection to Orford.

The second will be an affordable rented dwelling which is most likely to be conveyed to a Registered Provider (formerly called a Housing Association) for letting. Once again it may be possible for a priority letting to be given to those with a local connection. If you feel this is important, you should provide this feedback, when commenting on the scheme.

The third dwelling in the proposed terrace will be for market sale.

It is intended that the remaining 3 plots will be developed as self- build or custom build dwellings.

The Proposed Application

The purpose of this consultation and the drawings and visual material posted on this website is to stimulate comment and to take this forward into any amendments to the scheme (where possible and/or appropriate) before the application is submitted to East Suffolk Council as local planning authority.

Comments & Feedback

This consultation has now closed and we are reviewing the comments that were received. 

Thank you to everyone who responded.

This material is part of a community consultation undertaken by the developer/land owner and is not part of a statutory consultation associated with a formal planning application. Participating in this consultation does not affect your right to submit your views to the local planning authority when an application is submitted. Do not attempt to scale from the drawings.